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Australian seafood availability for Easter 2022

Seafood Industry Australia – Veronica Papacosta, CEO

  • “For the first time in two years Australians are able to enjoy a more traditional style Easter with families and friends coming together to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than with our Great Australian Seafood at the centre of the table.”
  • “Good Friday has long been associated with eating seafood and is one of the busiest days of the year for fishmongers with popular choices this year tipped to include Barramundi, Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon, Coral Trout, Blue Swimmer Crab and of course, prawns.”
  • “20-30 years ago, consumers were highly focused on fish at Easter, predominantly Smoked Haddock and Smoked Cap Cod, but now people are moving away from these and focusing on the broader category of Australian seafood.”
  • “Mussels, octopus, calamari are becoming more and more popular at Easter because they provide excellent value for money and people are getting more comfortable cooking them.”
  • “It used to be crustaceans for Christmas and fish for Easter, but now we’re seeing the two balance each other out and industry now prepares for a spike in different seafood varieties like prawns and calamari over Easter. Easter is becoming less about fish and more about enjoying all of our great Australian seafood.”
  • “If you’re not sure what to put on your menu this year, head into your fishmonger or visit the seafood counter at the supermarket to speak about what’s in season. We always recommend people ask about underutilised species which can be as delicious as their better known counterparts, but a fraction of the price.”
  • “We know Aussies love to eat Aussie seafood, and if you want to be certain you’re eating sustainable, healthy, world-class seafood that’s good for you and good for the planet, always ask for Aussie seafood.”
  • “To help people find Australian seafood near them they can visit the Great Australian Seafood Fish Finder and search by postcode for retailers near them. You can find it at:” 

Sydney Fish Market – spokesperson

  • Australia’s home of seafood, Sydney Fish Market, is once again set to welcome Sydneysiders on Good Friday (15th April) with extended trading hours from 5am – 5pm. The upcoming Easter season is the perfect opportunity to support Australian east coast seafood suppliers who are returning to normal trade following prolonged treacherous conditions.
  • Sydney Fish Market CEO, Greg Dyer says, “While it’s been a bumpy couple of weeks on the water, it’s great to see fishers and fleets across the regions returning to sea and our auction volumes increasing as Easter nears. We know seafood is a staple at Easter, particularly Good Friday, so shoppers can be assured that we will have all their favourites and seasonal specialties available.”
  • Species Supply/Availability:
    • With Autumn bringing a number of species into season, Sydney Fish Market encourages Aussies to be adventurous over the long weekend.
    • SFM’s auction data from Easter 2021 suggests that species that will be in strong supply include premium white fish like Kingfish and Murray Cod, alongside budget-friendly options such as Yellowfin Bream, Bonito, and Grey Mackerel.
    • Other species that will be in ample supply and peak condition include Southern Calamari, Octopus, Blue Swimmer Crab, and Mud Crab.

NPF (Northern Prawn Fishery)  Industry Pty Ltd  – Annie Jarrett, CEO

  • “Celebrate the start of the 2022 NPF Wild Banana prawn season.”
  • “New season catches will be available for Easter this year given how Easter dates fall this year.”
  • “Unsure, but expect retail prices to increase this Easter given increased operational costs such as fuel, freight and packaging which every primary producer/consumer is experiencing.” 
  • “Life’s too short, eat wild caught NPF MSC certified prawns!”

Australian Prawn Farmers Association – Kim Hooper, Executive Officer

  • “Although the floods impacted a couple of farms, recent sustainable expansion of the industry has resulted in more farmed fresh, cooked Australian Tiger Prawns than ever this Easter! Excellent quality and in abundant volumes.”
  • “Look in store for the brightly orange coloured prawns and the grown in Australia label.” 
  • “Our farm gate prices are similar to Easter last year and retailers set the prices in store, so it always pays to shop around your reputable seafood outlets – I am sure there are bargains to be had!”
  • “Prawns are high in protein and low in calories – perfect to balance out all those Easter eggs!”

Queensland Seafood Marketers Association – Marshall Betzel, Chair

  • There are some wonderful, fresh-caught King Prawns out of South East Queensland, and Moreton Bay is seeing big catches of beautiful Tiger Prawns.
  • Exports of Coral Trout to international markets have slowed, so we are seeing more product in the domestic market than we’ve seen in previous years. This is a beautiful centre-table fish that will be perfect at the centre of Easter tables. 
  • Tropical Rock Lobster season opened not long ago and catches out of Northern Queensland are in good volume. These lobsters make for a nice delicacy for the Easter table.

Northern Territory Seafood Industry Council – Katherine Winchester, CEO

  • Easter in Darwin is looking good with NT stocks being reported as plentiful. In the lead up to Easter, consumers are reportedly seeking out Black Jewfish, wild caught Barramundi, Saddletail, Goldband Snapper and Rock Cod.
  • Consumers are seeing a slight price increase of NT seafood within retailers which is largely due to the increases in operational costs for professional fishers. However, Territorians will continue to have a variety of choices to find a locally caught, high quality option to suit a range of budgets.   
  • With the professional Barramundi fishery season recently re-opening, consumers are reportedly delighted to see plenty of wild-caught Barramundi and King Threadfin. 
  • Black Jewfish cutlets are in hot demand, with fishers maintaining a consistent supply due to good weather. Black Jewfish fillets are also popular.
  • If you are looking for a whole fish to plate up, consider fresh Farmed Barramundi fillets, with skin-on to add a crispy texture.
  • Whole Saddletail Snapper is the perfect size for the backyard BBQ.
  • Retailers are reporting a steady supply of plate size whole Goldband Snapper, which would make a great addition to any NT seafood platter.    
  • Mud Crab supplies are starting to pick up.
  • Those looking for simplicity cannot look past Barramundi and King Threadfin wings.
  • Other species being reported readily available are whole Pomfret and Trevally.

Australian Barramundi Farmers Association – Jo-Anne Ruscoe, CEO

  • “There are plentiful supplies of beautiful, fresh Australian farmed barramundi this Easter from supermarkets and specialty seafood retailers, with prices generally stable throughout the year.”
  • “Australian sustainably farmed barramundi  is the perfect Easter fish dish – an extremely versatile fish that can be prepared and cooked in a variety of ways.”
  • “Go to for Easter recipe ideas and inspiration, and remember to #askforAussie barra!”


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