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At SIA we have a clear mission - to Promote, Protect and Develop the Australian seafood industry on the national and international level. We're here to educate and influence for the benefit of the entire Australian seafood industry.

How you can join SIA

We exist because of our members, and we work hard to produce real, measurable and valued outcomes.

We are the only peak industry body that represents the entire Australian seafood industry from catch to plate with members from the wildcatch, aquaculture and post-harvest sectors. We strive to promote, protect and develop the Australian seafood industry both domestically and internationally. We provide the Australian seafood industry with a united and respected voice which is critical to ensuring our industry is heard by consumers, Government and other stakeholders alike.

Stronger united

Our strength comes from unity; from working together on issues which are critical to the growth and development of our industry. To do this effectively we need the continued involvement and support of the entire Australian seafood industry.

We are actively working for our members every day. We are  fighting for resource security, working to improve social licence and community perception of our industry, lobbying for a commonsense approach to resource management, advocating for country of origin labelling in foodservice, positively promoting the Australian seafood industry at every opportunity, and publicly challenging the spread of mistruths and misinformation about our industry.

Why should I become a member?

As a member of SIA you are part of a team committed to uniting and strengthening the Australian seafood industry for the future.  You will be contributing to a dynamic and effective organisation who are focused on defending, promoting and growing the Australian seafood industry both domestically and internationally. As part of your membership you will receive:

  • The ability to shape the future of SIA and the Australian seafood industry;
  • United, effective and respected political representation and lobbying on key issues impacting the industry;
  • Access to our exclusive member-only deals and discounts to help improve your business through our partnership programs including Cambridge Global Payments along with offers on insurance and more;
  • Access to the latest industry news including regular and up-to-date member-only communications;
  • Voting-member business listing on the Great Australian Seafood “Meet our Industry” page;
  • Invitations to SIA-only and industry events including webinars, member forums and workshops, roundtable discussions, industry panels and events including the Federal “Parliamentary Friends of the Australian Seafood Industry” events;
  • Discounted registration to attend key industry events;
  • Use of the SIA logo, showing you are a member and support a strong future for our industry; and
  • Most importantly, a better future for the Australian seafood industry.


Member Benefits with DENBA+ Technology

DENBA+ Technology is the world’s first NATURAL shelf-life extension solution, initially designed for the Japanese fishing industry to extend the freshness and quality of their seafood.

For eight years now, using our globally patented water molecule re-activation technology, DENBA+ reduces oxidation, eliminating the environment where bacteria would typically grow. As a result, we extend the freshness, increase the quality, improve the taste and colour and prevent drip loss, which naturally protects the nutritional value, typically lost over time or other freezing and thawing practices.

Compared to other solutions, DENBA+ Technology is the only one to thaw food evenly and creates unique ice crystals that do not penetrate the cell membrane, which protects post-thaw weight and quality consistency.

A simple plug-and-play device, it is easily retro-fitted to almost all existing cold chain solutions, adding value from the catching to the plate.

Now available and serving the Great Australian Seafood iIndustry, DENBA+ Technology is the most advanced food preservation technology.

Let’s get our ship together

SIA represents the entire Australian seafood industry from catch to plate with members from the wildcatch, aquaculture and post-harvest sectors. We offer tiered memberships to suit every level of business, and individual memberships for industry supporters.

Now is the time to get onboard! For more information, please contact us via [email protected] or complete the membership application in the information pack below.

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