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We have a strategic, skills-based board to provide maximum flexibility and responsiveness to achieve outcomes for our members. For more information on our Board members click on their names.

Our Board

Clayton was appointed to the SIA Board in October 2020. He was elected to the role of Chair in September 2022. He is the General Manager – Policy and External Affairs at Austral Fisheries.

Clayton has been involved in the Australian fishing industry since 1980. He has extensive experience in the seafood industry, with roles including Skippering prawning vessels, partner and Executive Director of ASX listed Deep Sea Fisheries Ltd, and Director of Operations for Tiger Fisheries. In 2008, Clayton launched Jamaclan Marine Services to provide consultancy services to the Australian fishing industry. In 2011, he established a small boutique fishing company to fish for Rottnest Island Scallops out of Fremantle, WA. Clayton was a Director of the Western Australian Fishing Industry Council from 2011 – 2017 and also served as Chairman in 2017. Clayton has played a significant role in establishing Austal’s newest fishing operation in the Timor Reef Fishery.

Throughout 40 years of hands on experience in the Seafood Industry, Clayton has been active in roles from operations, catching, marketing and business development in primarily the Wildcatch sector. Industry representation in both state and commonwealth sectors has built networks throughout Australia based on trust, reputation and integrity. 

Catherine was appointed to the SIA Board in October 2021. She was elected to the role of Deputy Chair in September 2022.

Catherine’s first board appointment in the seafood industry was in 1999 as the Chair of the South Australian Prawn Fishery Management Committee (FMC).  She continued chairing the Northern Zone Rock Lobster FMC and then was appointed the inaugural Independent Chair of the South Australian Rock Lobster Advisory Council. Catherine has served on the Fisheries Council of SA as well as chairing various management plans and reviews. She is currently Chair of the Tropical Tuna Management Advisory Committee and a member of the Camp Quality and Glenelg Football Club boards.  She formerly held positions as Chair of KIN Premium Australian Seafood, Chair of the Marine Fishers Association (SA) and a member of the South Australian Aquaculture Tenure Allocation Board.


Catherine’s experience extends across the whole seafood industry across board and management, in government and industry appointed roles which gives her an understanding of many perspectives and an ongoing passion for the industry. Having both a CEO and board roles, Catherine has an understanding of the separation of responsibilities and have used governance processes and principles relating to strategy to enable effective outcomes. In both roles she has had a focus on building relationships which has enabled access to and influence with high level bureaucrats, Ministers and Premiers.

Catherine became the CEO of Family Business Association in August 2023 and prior to that, for over 13 years was the CEO of Food South Australia, the state’s peak food and beverage association.  She has expertise in association management, stakeholder engagement, governance and leadership.  

Catherine is a graduate and member of the AICD, she has continued governance education and has a Bachelor of Business (Marketing).


Stephanie was appointed to the SIA Board in October 2021.

Stephanie has more than 10 years of seafood industry experience and has served in senior executive roles in the post-harvest sector, including CEO of Clamms Seafood, a market-leading Seafood Processor, Distributor and Wholesaler.

Her experience in her roles as well as her MBA degree, allows her to bring a wealth of practical experience in operations, finance, team building, leadership, project management, marketing, technology, innovation, sales, governance, advisory and risk minimisation.

Stephanie has successfully led and managed leadership teams and provided advisory to Directors, setting strategic direction and providing the resources and support required for successful and efficient structure and operations.

In addition to her P&L, strategy, marketing, e-commerce and business background, Stephanie has extensive regulatory experience with numerous agencies and regulatory bodies in Victoria and Australia.

As the General Manager of South Australia’s most vertically integrated seafood business with a worldwide distribution network, I have involvement across harvesting, processing, wholesaling, exporting, retailing and distribution. In this capacity I have identified strategic export market opportunities, created a product offering that resonates with key overseas markets, built and leveraged strong relationships, and created a supply chain in a highly regulated and restrictive operating environment. This experience has taught me the importance and value of building sustainable supply chains and has emboldened me to pursue innovative and sustainable ways of distinguishing Australian seafood on the international stage.

I have a sophisticated understanding of Commercial Fishing Fleet operations management, vessel maintenance and onboard safety procedures across both Commonwealth and State jurisdictions. I understand the commercial drivers of this asset class and what is required to run commercial fishing fleets economically, safely, sustainably and in compliance with prevailing Acts and regulations.

I have participated in Government boards and committees including the Australian Fisheries Management Authority forums. I have been an industry representative on scientific boards across several fisheries. I am used to operating within a defined governance framework, overseeing the development and management of organisational priorities, plans and directions, and being responsible for the delivery of measured outcomes, ensuring these outcomes harmonise with legislative and regulatory requirements.

I am outcome-focused, can see and sell the bigger picture, and am able to form strong personal relationships and build effective networks and coalitions.

My vision for the future is to be able to help author a new chapter in Australian Seafood history, one that practices true co-management and achieves equilibrium between its focus on promoting responsible and sustainable fishing practices and preserving an economically and socially sustainable fishing sector able to contribute to the growing demand for healthy seafood.

I am passionate about the seafood industry, and I strongly believe that it needs a peak body so I am motivated to join the board to contribute to the success of SIA and subsequently our industry.

I am a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, I have a Bachelor of Communications and have been in marketing/communications roles at Sydney Fish Market (SFM) for nine years.

My tenure has coincided with the most pivotal time in our company’s history as we sought to secure support and government funding for SFM’s redevelopment. These challenges have refined my skills in government and stakeholder relations, community engagement and media management.

I also possess skills in strategy and change leadership. SFM’s unique ownership structure has required me to understand and equally represent the interests of both harvest and postharvest stakeholders. With SFM undergoing transformative change with our redevelopment and digital trading platform, change leadership is paramount for our leadership team.

I have strong industry knowledge obtained from interactions with industry peers and extensive media monitoring of industry news. I’ve been involved in government/media relations on key issues including the country-of-origin-labelling debate and the NSW industry reforms.

My experiences with SIA have been positive, however my understanding is that the organisation finds it difficult to balance the many viewpoints and priorities of its members. I also suspect that many of these members are not actively engaged with SIA, so I’m interested in supporting member retention by increasing engagement, celebrating SIA’s successes and raising its profile.

Furthermore, my interactions with fishers has me concerned about their ability to continue fishing given rising costs and community backlash. I am keen to contribute my time and effort to SIA, which I believe is best placed to give industry more security by lobbying government and changing community perception.

Brad was appointed to the SIA Board in 2023.

He is passionate about the seafood industry and brings a wide range of experience across industry sectors including commercial fishing, aquaculture, wholesale and retail, marketing, and industry representation. 

Early in his career, he worked in the Atlantic salmon aquaculture industry in Tasmania, followed by starting his first business at 25, pioneering an abalone aquaculture business in Dunalley, Tasmania. Home called and he spent the next 12 years working as an abalone fisherman diving the South Coast of WA.  

Sustainability concerns of the local abalone fishery prompted him to innovate and develop a new business in 2009 – abalone ranching. The innovation is a hybrid of aquaculture and a wild fishery.

Artificial reefs were placed on the seabed and seeded with hatchery-reared juvenile abalone. The abalone are left to grow naturally and harvested 3-4 years later. The business, Ocean Grown Abalone Ltd grew rapidly and was listed on the ASX in 2017.  

Brad has served on many industry committees and boards including include Chairman of Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (2011-2013), President of the Australasian Abalone Association (current) and Deputy Chairman of the Aquaculture Council of WA (current). 



Nick was appointed to the SIA Board in 2023.

He has a contemporary and diverse background spanning a raft of industry sectors encompassing aquaculture, seafood, agribusiness, FMCG, tourism and hospitality, public transport, infrastructure, advanced manufacturing, civil engineering/construction, renewable energy, forestry, genetics and life sciences, finance/valuations, governance, water and sewerage, education and VET. 

His current and past Board and advisory portfolio transects membership-based bodies, listed entities, State-owned Corporations, GBE’s, Government agencies, Statutory Authorities, utilities, regulated entities, local Government entities and authorities, large private / family companies, community organisations, and Not-for-Profits.

Nick brings to the Board the benefits of a diverse NED skillset crafted across wide-ranging industries, an extensive financial background, a well-honed “opportunity/risk” mindset, and a very deep and hands-on affinity with the Australian seafood sector. 

Our Team

Veronica is the CEO of Seafood Industry Australia (SIA), Managing Director of Sydney Fresh Seafood (Aust) Pty Ltd, a member of the Agriculture Industry Advisory Council, a member of the National Fisheries Advisory Council, and a passionate advocate for the Australian seafood industry.

Sydney Fresh Seafood is a fresh seafood retail and hospitality business currently operating 18 stores across NSW and QLD. Established in 1978, Sydney Fresh is still a family run business which now employs more than 150 people and is ever growing and innovating to meet the rapidly shifting retail environment and consumer expectations.

Veronica led the membership drive to establish SIA – the first ever national peak body to represent the interests of the wildcatch, aquaculture and post-harvest sectors of the Australia seafood industry. Established in May 2017, SIA is the uniting voice of Australian seafood. Social licence, resource access and positive media representation are key strategic activities of SIA.

Veronica has a Bachelor of Economics (major in Marketing and Accounting) from Sydney University, a Diploma in Event Management from University of Technology, Sydney and is a very proud graduate of the National Seafood Industry Leadership Program (NSILP) 2015.

Veronica can be contacted via [email protected]

Julie Petty has more than 14 years’ project management experience working in Australian agriculture, predominately horticulture and red meat, and is now working with SIA as the Policy and Project Officer – Aquaculture.

Julie’s career path has given her the opportunity to dabble in several areas including animal traceability technologies, industry strategic planning and development, project management, communications and event organisation.

Julie has on the ground experience with practical research, development and extension (RDE) theory from her work with the Australian goatmeat industry and Meat and Livestock Australia where she managed the goat RDE program.

“I’m looking forward to learning all about the Australia seafood industry. I really enjoy a challenge, problem solving and building industry support networks”.

Julie can be contacted on [email protected] or via mobile on 0438 165 218.

Sarah joined SIA in the spring of 2023 as Communications Manager. Based in Sydney, NSW, Sarah manages all of SIA’s marketing and communications activities.

Sarah brings a wealth of domestic and international marketing and communications experience, cultivated across a diverse array of industries, including sports, tile installation systems, banking, wine, and most recently, tertiary education.

Sarah is passionate about creating compelling marketing and communications strategies and is excited to contribute to the growth of the Australian seafood industry.

Please email Sarah at [email protected] or 0452 142 050

Jo has more than 20 years experience leading teams across a variety of sectors, and a background in working with large – predominantly male – teams involved in high-risk and remote work.  With a particular interest in health, safety and wellness in the workplace Jo successfully developed programs in large organisations and worked with numerous peak industries to improve the health and well-being of their members.

She has been recognised by Business SA and SA Health as a leader in the design and implementation of industry-led wellness programs that focus on mental health. Most recently, Jo established a collaboration between multiple seafood industry representative bodies to develop an industry-led mental health and wellness early intervention support and training program to the South Australian seafood sector under the banner of Stay Afloat. More recently Jo has developed and delivered Mental Health supports during and post COVID-19. 

Please contact Jo via [email protected] or 0408 008 344.


Patrycja McLaughlin joined SIA in March 2024 as Policy & Projects Coordinator. She is tasked with assisting the team with project management, administrative duties and fostering positive relationships with stakeholders.

Based in Brisbane, Patrycja is excited to contribute to SIA’s key priorities, supporting, promoting and shaping the future of our seafood industry.   

Patrycja is a foodie; she values clean, quality produce, is grateful to the industry that produces it.  Patrycja feels strongly about sustainable living and collaborative partnerships to build a better future.   

Patrycja has a Bachelor of Business Degree and over 20 years of business operations work history in various industries including food safety, auditing, training and recruitment.  

“I am looking forward to learning more about the seafood industry, collaborating with Aquaculture and Wild Catch Advisory Committees and working on projects such as Seafood Careers, Seafood HARPS, Traceability, Biosecurity and Sustainability.”

Patrycja can be contacted on [email protected] or on 0416 822 890

Jacky Cartwright joined SIA in early 2023 as Policy Officer – Safety.

Jacky has a passion for safety and regulations within the industry, and is currently studying her Bachelor of Laws. Jacky has an Advanced Diploma in Disabilities with a keen interest in Advocacy. She is committed to innovation within the industry and is always looking for new ways to improve the business.

Jacky has owned commercial prawn trawlers for nine years and has a good understanding of the industry, its regulations, and the best practices for successful operations. She recently developed Silver Sea Seafoods export arm of the business and has been successful in exporting prawns to markets in Asia.

This year Jacky has been successful in being accepted into the nationally recognised National Seafood Industry Leadership Program program. As a current member of Women in Seafood Australasia, she is committed to bringing a positive change to the industry and is passionate about creating a safe and sustainable environment for all.

Jacky can be contacted via email [email protected] or on 0421 394 885.

Jasmin Kelly joined SIA as Stakeholder Engagement Manager in early 2023. 

Based in Sydney, NSW, Jasmin is tasked with ensuring that the SIA executive engages in a regular, positive and relevant manner with its stakeholders, thereby encouraging and strengthening relationships in response to members’ concerns and an awareness of emerging industry issues.

With extensive management experience in a variety of industries including media, banking, design and security, Jasmin brings a broad and empathetic approach to her role.

“I love challenges and I love working with teams. I’m proud to be part of an organisation that is committed to caring for the environment and looking after its members, ultimately resulting in products of the highest quality and best value. Facilitating the interaction and engagement of SIA’s stakeholders is incredibly rewarding work.”

Jasmin can be contacted via email [email protected] or on 0411 430 838.

Laura Davies joined Seafood Industry Australia (SIA) in July 2023 as Trade Export Manager.

Before SIA, Laura worked for Tridge, a South Korean Agri-food trading platform, where she led the export sales of Australian Horticulture into Asia. Laura is relationship management focused and enjoys connecting with her primary producers by having a boots on the ground approach to her work.

Laura’s trade experience also extends to Research and Development corporation, Hort Innovation. As the International Market Development Manager, for a number of years, Laura managed the national export brand “Taste Australia”. Project management activities included global marketing campaigns, overseas trade missions, trade shows and retail education programs. Her stakeholders included industry grower representatives, agencies, state and federal bodies such as Austrade.

Laura has also worked internationally for UK retailer Sainsbury’s and convenience food manufacturer Greencore in the USA.

Laura grew up on a family arable farm in Shropshire, UK. She has a BSc honours in Agri-Business Management from Newcastle University and is a graduate of Pure Leith Culinary Institute. Now an Australian national, Laura is an active member of her Surf Life Saving Club in Freshwater, Sydney.

Laura can be contacted via email [email protected] or on 0476 234 767.

Board Alumni

Chauncey operates his own management consulting firm providing strategic and commercial advice to the owners of a variety of significant wildcatch fisheries that have operations in Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania. In addition, Chauncey sits on three domestic company boards and one overseas board.

His background includes experience as a strategic and commercial advisor, with expertise in industry management across a broad spectrum of industries. Additionally, Chauncey exhibits strong financial expertise which includes complex financial structuring, hedging, debt and equity funding, as well as closing transactions with sustainable, optimised internal rates of return.

Chauncey has degrees in law, engineering and finance and was previously the Managing Director of a company with a $120 million turnover and 500 employees, which exported Australian Primary produce to Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, USA, Brazil and Europe.

Chauncey was an inaugural SIA Director until his term expired in 2022. 

Dennis has owned and operated a successful wild catch fishing business from development to maturity, with extensive experience in marketing fresh product throughout Australia.

Dennis is the President of Wildcatch Fisheries SA Inc. (SA’s Peak Industry Body), after joining as a member in 2012. Dennis and his wife Karen own DM and KL Holder Pty Ltd and operate the FV Silver Spectre. The Silver Spectre is a purpose built 24-metre aluminium vessel built and project managed by Dennis, launched in 2010. The company owns 4 crab licences with a total of 244 tonnes of crabs (approx. 39 per cent TACC) and fishing operations take place from July 1 – June 30. 

For 30 years, Dennis has been involved with various aspects of the SA Blue CrabPot Association including internal governance arrangements, development of legislation, management plans and was instrumental with transitioning the fishery from a permit input controlled fishery to a fully legislated output controlled fishery.

In 2016, Dennis was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship which gave him the opportunity for extensive insight into primary/food production from around the world.

Dennis was an inaugural SIA Director until his term expired in 2022. 

Marshall has spent most of his working life involved in the Australian seafood post-harvest sector and has for the past 30 years successfully operated his own trawler management and seafood marketing organisation based in Cairns, Far North Queensland. He holds diplomas in Business, Management and Sustainability as well as a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration and an MBA from Griffith University, Queensland.

Marshall is a former director of the Australian Council of Prawn Fisheries and is currently an industry representative on the Torres Strait Prawn Fishery Management Advisory Committee. He is also the President of the Queensland Seafood Marketers Association and a member of the “Love Australian Prawns” campaign management committee.

With over 40 years of commercial experience in the post-harvest sector, he has developed a vast network of industry colleagues with the Australian Seafood enterprise as well as an in-depth knowledge of the domestic and exports markets of Australian Seafood. It was with this knowledge and practical experience of the seafood industry coupled with his formal qualifications that he was appointed as an inaugural director of SIA in 2017, until his term expired in 2021.

Marcus has a fishing history spanning more than 25 years. His technical qualifications include Master Class 4 Fishing / Trading Skippers certificates, MED 1, Dive Master and DMT Certificates. His commercial qualifications include business management courses and post graduate studies in business with the completion of the Australian Institute of Company Director’s course in 2007.

In addition to his Directorship at Australian Tuna Fisheries and Clean Seas Tuna Limited, Marcus makes a strong contribution to the Australian fishing and aquaculture industry as board member of the South Australian Marine Finfish Association (SAMFA) and Executive Director of the Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association (ASBTIA). He also serves as a Deputy Member of the Aquaculture Advisory Committee (AAC), and contributes to facilitating maritime training at the Australian Fisheries Academy.

Marcus held the initial position of Managing Director of Clean Seas and subsequent Director of Operations, and as such has extensive grow out experience with Kingfish and ranched SBT. He has now resumed his executive position as Managing Director of Stehr Group, continuing to provide valuable assistance to Clean Seas. Marcus continues to go SBT fishing each season, successfully overseeing the companies catch and towing operations for annual SBT production.

Bryan was appointed to the SIA Board in October 2020.

Bryan has worked in the seafood industry since 1973 and over this time has amassed a long list of accomplishments, the most significant of which was driving the realisation of Sydney Fish Market’s (SFM) vision to build a new $750million facility, funding for which was approved by the NSW Government in 2019.

Bryan retired from his position as General Manager at SFM in September 2019, but still maintains an active involvement in the Australian Seafood Industry. He is chair of NSW Seafood Industry Council, a former director of the Australian Seafood Co-operative Research Centre, and former company secretary of OceanWatch Australia.

Bryan was awarded the Industry Ambassador Award at the National Seafood Industry Awards in 2019.

Bryan holds professional qualifications in accounting, human resource management and environmental auditing.

Mark is the Managing Director and CEO of the Tassal Group Ltd. Tassal is Australia’s largest seafood and aquaculture business.

Tassal is a vertically integrated business based in Tasmania, with an organisational focus on environmental sustainability and stakeholder engagement. In 2015, Tassal expanded its footprint and business offerings through the acquisition of De Costi Seafoods.

Mark has more than 30 years of experience in strategy, finance and operational matters across many industries, with experience gained through PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Arthur Andersen and KordaMentha. Mark currently sits on other boards, including the Tasmanian Salmonid Growers Association.

Belinda has built a successful career as a Chief Executive Officer, a seasoned lawyer, and accomplished company director, with experience in the seafood, legal, and Defence sectors.

She served as the CEO of a wild catch Victorian fishery and contributed to governance and policy reform in the seafood industry through her involvement on commonwealth and state boards and advisory bodies.

Belinda holds a Bachelor of Law from Melbourne University and has led the legal profession as the President of the Law Institute of Victoria.  She is also a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and holds the first civilian graduation of the Command and Staff Course from the Australian War College. 

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