No matter the industry, everyone deserves to be safe at work and every family deserves their loved-ones to come home unharmed.

The 2017 tragedy of the FV Dianne reminded us all of the need to keep working on ways to make our industry safer.  Since then SIA has worked actively to promote safety in the Australian seafood industry.

In December 2018, SIA launched the Parliamentary Friends of the Australian Seafood Industry at the Australian Parliament House in Canberra. The event focused on safety and included a presentation from SeSAFE’s Steve Eayrs. It introduced key politicians to the industry and provided a concise overview of industry safety. 

SIA is a partner of the SeSAFE project, a joint industry-government initiative, designed to raise awareness and improve safety for Australia’s commercial fishers and aquaculturalists.

Commencing in 2018, SeSAFE has been developed by industry, for industry and is a series of online, pre-sea training modules. 

SIA supports the FRDC’s Marine Safety and Welfare Initiative which aims for zero deaths, a significant reduction in injuries and 100 per cent compliance with safety regulations.

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