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This is a program by industry, for industry.


The Seafood Industry Australia (SIA) safety project, Sea Safe, is led by SIA’s Wellbeing Programs Manager Jo Marshall, who some of you will be familiar with through her work leading our industry-specific mental health program, Stay Afloat. The safety and wellbeing of our industry and its people is paramount, and we need to do everything we can to ensure our people and our operations are the safest they can be.

The program has its foundations in peer-to-peer information sharing and learning. This is a program by industry, for industry. It picks up on the great research already done by FRDC and their stakeholders under the National Seafood Safety Initiative (SISI), along with the work of SeSafe and Fish Safe, transitioning them into one integrated, national program.

Throughout the next four years, from 2022-23, SIA will continue to develop tools to assist our industry to arrive home safely every time they go to work. The objective of the program is: to achieve a positive change in workplace safety culture to ensure that the Australian Seafood Industry “Keeps its People Safe”.

We’re looking for people from every community and every sector to contribute their knowledge and experience to the program. Whether you are interested in helping us to steer the project, becoming a local safety advocate, or simply sharing your views and staying in touch, you are encouraged to join the conversation. Please email [email protected] to register your interest.

Click here to visit the Sea Safe website to find out more. 

The Sea Safe national safety project is led by Seafood Industry Australia, funded by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority and the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation. S

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