Market Access and Trade

Market Access and Trade

The Australian seafood industry has faced significant challenges over the past 24 months, ranging from global trade and supply-chain consequences of COVID-19, to more localised impacts of China’s ban on imported Australian seafood (through non-tariff measures NTMs).

The recent challenges have exposed the industry’s over-reliance on a few key export markets, with many export commodities experiencing significant financial losses as a result of sudden market shifts. Therefore, the risks associated with a lack of export market diversification must be re-evaluated, and future opportunities must be planned for to secure the industry’s ongoing success.

To tackle recent challenges, the Australian seafood industry has united to develop a path and plan for industry to diversify their export markets through a range of activities including the development of an whole-of-industry Export Market Strategic Plan (the Plan) supported by the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment’s (DAWE) Agriculture Trade Market Access Cooperation program. 

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Export Market Reports

Are you looking to diversify your seafood export markets, but not sure if a market is right for you and your business?  SIA has developed a series of FREE market summaries and supply chain guides to help producers gain valuable insights into new markets and make informed business decisions. 

Many people find export markets through chance encounters or personal connections, but there’s more to it.  Before jumping onto the first opportunity that comes your way, it’s important to do your research. As a starting point, these reports will give you a head start to compare markets, and check market access. So you can select markets where you have a greater chance of success.

We’ve worked with market leaders, Export Connect to build these reports which look at export markets with high-growth potential. Providing an overview on trade agreements, market access requirements, economic and demographic indicators, consumer behaviour and societal trends, category channels, along with trade and consumption data. 

Are you looking for a market summary or supply chain guide not listed below? Contact SIA’s Trade Export Manager Julie Willis on or via mobile on 0404 392 311 to request a report FREE of charge. 

Hong Kong




Saudi Arabia



South Korea


United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

United States of America


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