Resource Allocation and Access

Australian’s love to eat seafood, in fact every one of us eats an average of 140 serves of seafood per year, and Australia’s seafood industry is committed to putting the best Australian seafood on the table now, and for generations to come. 

Australian seafood comes from well-managed, sustainable fisheries and farms, which ensures that our fish stocks will be around for the future. For the sixth consecutive year (2019) Australia’s Commonwealth-managed fisheries have been given the tick of sustainability. This is something our commercial fishers are very proud of, and is unprecedented internationally. While the footprint of Australia’s trawlers is one of the smallest in the world. Coupled with our aquaculture sector – who provide fresh, high-quality seafood, year-round – Australian seafood is one of the best managed and most sustainable protein sources in the world.

We take our role in the global food task very seriously, and provide more than one billion seafood meals every year.

Resource Security Task Force

In the face of growing threats to our industry, SIA has created the Resource Security Task Force. The Task Force will address the erosion of resource access and property rights, and the devaluation and destabilisation this brings to industry. 

The Task Force will develop a national strategy and actions to promote resource security, with the view of growing industry outputs to 1.5 billion meals. The absence of secure access to resources, both aquatic and terrestrial, is a major impediment to the confidence and growth of the Australian seafood industry.

Improving security of access is critical to providing an environment that encourages innovation and the confidence to invest and work in the Australian seafood industry.

Commonwealth Marine Parks

In a momentous win, SIA successfully lobbied for the adoption of the Commonwealth Marine Park management plans by Federal Government throughout 2018.  

SIA was able to unite the Australian Fishing Trade Association, Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation and Game Fishing Association of Australia to support the plans, lobby parliament and promote the plans in the media. SIA pursued a fair and reasonable compensation package for impacted fishers.

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