Country of Origin Labelling in foodservice​

In July 2018, it became mandatory for food sold in retail to be labelled with its country of origin, which improved the level of communication and trust between a retailer and their customers, and allowed consumers to make informed purchasing decisions. However, the food service sector was exempt from this legislation. We know consumers want to support our Australian seafood producers, but people can’t buy Australian seafood if they can’t tell where it’s from.

Seafood Industry Australia has appealed to the government time and time again to make origin labelling mandatory for Australian seafood sold in the food service sector, just like it is in the retail sector. Now, there is the opportunity to make this happen as the Government embarks on an evaluation of the retail legislation which came into effect two years ago. 

The first element of the review was an online evaluation survey in which we appealed to industry and the community to express their  support for CoOL labelling expansion. The survey closed in early September 2020, and the results are intended to facilitate discussion on the CoOL reforms, and to frame the discussion of issues that are expected to be of particular interest to consumers, food and beverage producers and retailers. In addition to public submissions and surveys, the evaluation process intends to gather information from the community and industry through other mechanisms, including interviews and focus groups.

The evaluation seeks to answer the overarching question: Have the Country of Origin Labelling reforms improved consumer access to information about the origin of food, and clarified the origin claims businesses can make about their products, without imposing excessive costs on those businesses? The review is expected to be complete by mid-2021.

A copy of SIA’s media release regarding the evaluation is available here.

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