Community Perception/Social Licence​

Improving the community perception and social licence of the Australian seafood industry is a major priority for SIA. 

In fact, our members voted it the number one issue we needed to address. If we can improve community perception, we believe many of our other problems will diminish or disappear.

Following industry and community research, SIA has developed “Our Pledge”, a commitment from the Australian seafood industry to the people of Australia.  “Our Pledge” responds to issues the community identified as important, presenting the seafood industry’s actions, position and perspective. As an industry, our aim is show the community how, in many cases, we are already actively addressing their concerns. 

“Our Pledge” gives the industry a way to communicate with the community and to demonstrate our values and practices. It also helps us focus our efforts on areas where we need more research, or for greater uptake of existing research and best-practice. It is important we get the right balance. If we are making a promise or pledge to the community, it needs to be achievable but it also can ít just be business as usual if that results in loss of trust or is totally unacceptable to the community. 

At SIA, we see “Our Pledge” as a way to bring together the rich tapestry of our industry, to highlight the great work we are doing and to respond honestly to community concerns and perceptions.

Find out more about “Our Pledge” here. 

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