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‘Unparalleled access to more than 65 million UK customers’: Australian seafood industry welcomes UK-Australia free trade agreement

Seafood Industry Australia (SIA), the national peak-body representing Australia’s commercial seafood industry, has welcomed the recent signing of the free trade agreement between Australia and the United Kingdom. 

“The agreement is expected to create a wealth of new opportunities for the Australian seafood industry and strengthen trade ties between our two nations,” SIA CEO Veronica Papacosta said. 

“The agreement will eliminate tariffs on Australian seafood exports to the UK, including lobsters and fin-fish on entry into force, and the remaining tariffs will be eliminated over a three year period. Our Great Australian Seafood producers now have access to more than 65 million UK consumers who value our safe, healthy, and sustainably produced great Australian seafood. While UK consumers will have access to the greatest seafood in the world, tariff-free. 

“This move will help to increase the competitiveness of Australian seafood in the UK market and will provide new opportunities for Australian seafood companies to expand their international operations and diversify markets. 

“Australian seafood exports to the UK were worth $720,000AUD in the 2020‑21 period. The new agreement is expected to significantly boost this figure in the coming years and help to drive growth and diversity within the Australian seafood industry.

“Australian seafood is well regarded in the UK. Our fisheries are some of the most highly regulated and well managed in the world. Our sustainability credentials are very compelling, which for UK customers is a major competitive advantage. Our customers know they are getting high-quality products from sustainably managed fisheries. While our Australian exporters are known for their reliability and professional service.

“This agreement will provide a much-needed boost to the Australian seafood industry, and we are confident it will help to support the growth and success of our industry for many years to come.

“The Australian seafood industry is committed to working closely with the Australian and UK governments to ensure that the new agreement is implemented smoothly and effectively. With its world-class seafood products and our commitment to sustainability, the Australian seafood industry is well-positioned to take advantage of the opportunities provided by this new agreement and to continue to grow and thrive in the years ahead.

“We applaud Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Trade Minister Don Farrell and our negotiation team for their hard work.” 


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