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Great Australian Seafood prices and availability for Easter 2021

Seafood Industry Australia – Veronica Papacosta, CEO

  • “Last year Australians enjoyed a different type of Easter as we entered COVID lockdowns, now we are entering a post-COVID world and the easing of restrictions means families are coming together to celebrate.”
  • “Good Friday has long been associated with eating seafood and is one of the busiest days of the year for fishmongers with popular choices this year tipped to include barramundi, Red Snapper and of course, prawns.”
  • “20-30 years ago, consumers were highly focused on fish at Easter, predominantly Smoked Haddock and Smoked Cape Cod, but now people are moving away from these and focusing on the broader category of Australian seafood.”
  • “Mussels, octopus, calamari are becoming more and more popular at Easter because they provide excellent value for money and people are getting more comfortable cooking them.”
  • “We used to see 60-70% of consumers purchasing fish, but now a wide variety of our great Australian seafood has established its place on tables around the country.
  • “It used to be crustaceans for Christmas and fish for Easter, but now we’re seeing the two balance each other out and industry now prepares for a spike in prawns, oysters and fish over Easter. Easter is becoming less about fish and more about all of our great Australian seafood.”
  • “Due to the extreme weather events in NSW over the past week, oysters coming out of the NSW North Coast will be out of the market for the next few weeks so this will impact supplies of Sydney Rock Oysters. However, some suppliers harvested before the rains and there are still a number of farmers along the NSW South Coast who will be harvesting in the leadup to Easter.”
  • “People should get in touch with their fishmonger, or the seafood counter at their supermarket to place pre-orders, and if you’re looking to bag a bargain speak to your fishmonger about underutilised species which can be as delicious as their better known counterparts, but a fraction of the price.”
  • “Seafood shoppers across the country can find a wide variety of fresh fish, prawns and oysters wherever they decide to buy their great Australian-sourced seafood, and the large retailers are no exception.”
  • “Australian Rock Lobsters are still available in the market, consumers can expect to find Western Rock Lobster for approximately $25-35 each, Tropical Rock Lobsters for around $55 per kg, and South Rock Lobsters will be around $80-90 per kg.
  • “We know Aussies love to eat Aussie seafood, and if you want to be certain you’re eating sustainable, healthy, world-class seafood that’s good for you and good for the planet, always ask for Aussie seafood.”
  • “To help people find Australian seafood near them they can visit the Great Australian Seafood Fish Finder and search by postcode for retailers near them. You can find it at:” 

Sydney Fish Market – spokesperson

  • “In anticipation of Sydneysiders’ appetite to stock up on quality Australian seafood this Easter, Sydney Fish Market will offer extended trading hours on Good Friday (2nd April), with retailers opening their doors from 5am-5pm.”
  • “More than 100 species of seafood can be found at Sydney Fish Market on any given day, making it a one-stop-shop for those looking to plate up an impressive spread of locally sourced seafood to impress loved ones this Easter long weekend.”
  • “Seafood has long been an Easter staple, particularly on Good Friday when many families enjoy serving up a beautifully baked whole fish or throwing a succulent salmon fillet on the barbeque. This long weekend, we’re encouraging our customers to make a conscious effort to consider the provenance of their purchases and buy local in a show of support for Australia’s seafood industry,” said spokesperson Alex Stollznow.”
  • “Australia’s oceans are among the most diverse on earth and Easter is the perfect time to celebrate. In addition to popular favourites like Snapper, consider stepping out of your comfort zone and sampling some delicious Tasmanian commercial scallops or school prawns from Wallis Lake on NSW’s mid-north coast,” he added.
  • Snap shot of prices at Sydney Fish Market for Easter 2021: 
    • Farmed Black Tiger Prawns: $22-32/kg (cooked)
    • Tiger Flathead: $35-45/kg (fillets)
    • Southern Calamari: $18-24/kg (whole)
    • Octopus: $10-16/kg (whole)
    • School Whiting: $6-12/kg (whole)
    • Australian Bonito: $9-16/kg (whole)
    • Gould’s Squid: $8-14/kg (whole)
    • Sand Whiting: $20-27/kg (whole)
    • Yellowfin Bream: $15-22/kg (whole)
    • Ocean Jacket: $8-14/kg (trunks)
    • Blue Swimmer Crab: $18-24/kg (whole)
    • Southern Garfish: $12-18/kg (whole)
    • Sea Mullet: $5-10/kg (whole)
    • Oreodories: $12-20/kg (filleted and deboned)

Australian Barramundi Farmers Association – Jo-Anne Ruscoe, CEO

  • “There are plentiful supplies of beautiful, fresh Australian farmed barramundi this Easter from supermarkets and specialty seafood retailers, with prices generally stable throughout the year.”
  • “Australian sustainably farmed barramundi  is the perfect Easter fish dish – an extremely versatile fish that can be prepared and cooked in a variety of ways.”
  • “Go to for Easter recipe ideas and inspiration, and remember to #askforAussie barra!”

Queensland Seafood Marketers Association – Marshall Betzel, Chair

  • “The prawning season has only just opened in North Queensland, and as we experienced a cyclone along the coast just the week of opening, boats had to stay in port until the threat had passed.” 
  • “So, being a little behind in getting started could see getting product into Southern Markets for Easter being a little tight. Notwithstanding that, Ocean King Prawns from Southern Queensland (eg Mooloolaba etc.) are in reasonable supply although prices have really stayed up from Christmas, buoyed by strong post-Christmas demand”.
  • “Moreton Bay Bugs are available but not in large volumes. So too with Wild Caught Barramundi. Queensland Mudcrab are good volumes and prices reflect plentiful supply. Tropical Lobsters are also in good supply and at very good prices.”
  • Price Guide/kg (rough)
    • Ckd Large- Med Prawn : $35-40
    • Ckd Med- Sml Prawn : $20–25
    • Wild Caught Barra Fillet: $40-45
    • Ckd Bugs Large : $45
    • Ckd Bugs Med : $30
    • Mudcrab : $50-60
    • Tropical Rock Lobster : $55

Northern Territory Seafood Industry Council – Katherine Winchester, CEO

  • “NT stocks that are being reported as plentiful this Easter includes Spanish Mackerel, Saddletail Snapper, Red Emperor, wild caught Barramundi, King Threadfin, Farmed Barramundi, Black Jewfish, Mud Crab and NT Squid.”
  • “Spanish Mackerel is readily available, customers can choose from fillets to cutlets with pricing ranging from $22 to $30 per kg depending on the cut.”
  • “With the professional Barramundi fishery season only two months in, customers will be delighted to see plenty of wild caught Barramundi and King Threadfin, with fillets ranging from $38 to $50 per kg.”
  • “If you are looking for something a little different consider fresh Farmed Barramundi fillets with skin-on for a crispy addition with fillets are around $37 to $41 per kg.” 
  • “Saddletail Snapper is the perfect size for the back yard BBQ, ranging from $13 to 20 per kg.”
  • “Out to impress family and friends? You cannot go past the vibrant Red Emperor with whole prices ranging from $20 to $22 per kg.”
  • “Currently there are good supplies of NT squid, whilst smaller in size compared to southern squid species, a very popular local choice selling from around $27 per kg.”  
  • “Mud Crab catches have picked up since Christmas with retailers reporting a steady supply, prices likely to be around the $48 to $60 per kg price range.”
  • “With the easing of wet season rains, Black Jewfish fillets are returning to the shops, fillet prices likely to range from $25 to $32 per kg.”
  • “Those looking for simplicity cannot look past wings, with Barramundi wings selling around $7.50 per kg and mixed reef wings for around $4.50. per kg.”

Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council – Julian Harrington, CEO

  • “#EatMoreSeafood this Easter.”
  • “And, if you buy locally produced Tasmanian seafood, you will support local fishers and farmers, and the communities they live in.”
  • “There will be no shortage of succulent Tasmanian seafood, with choices including:
    • Fresh oysters
    • Hot smoke, cold smoked and fresh salmon,
    • Frozen Bass Strait scallops
    • A diverse range of other fresh wild caught fish.”
  • “If you want a live Southern Rock Lobster (or crayfish as they are known in Tassie) then keep an eye out at your local jetty or wharf. There will be plenty of boats selling direct to the public. Lobster fishers are really struggling at the moment, so get out there and show them your support.”
  • “Order from your local fishmonger early to avoid disappointment.”
  • “But, just don’t eat more seafood on Good Friday. Put more seafood on your plate this Easter and school holiday break. To find out more visit Seafood Trails at or find it on the play store!”
  • “Seafood prices will vary depending on supply.”
  • “#EatMoreSeafood this Easter. Buy Local Tasmanian – Support your Community.”

Oysters Australia – Andy Myers, Executive Officer 

  • “Oysters coming out of the NSW North Coast will be out of the market for the next few weeks due to current weather events.” 
  • “Parts of the NSW South Coast may remain open for harvest, but we’ll need to see how the weather plays out over the next few days.”
  • “This means consumers will see fewer Sydney Rock Oysters available over the Easter period, which is particularly hard as many growers also missed the Christmas sales period due to bad weather.” 
  • “The extent of the damage for our producers on the North Coast will remain unknown for the next few days until water subsides and it’s safe to assess the condition of leases, but it looks pretty bad. Sheds inundated, farm machinery waterlogged, and stock and growing infrastructure badly damaged, or lost altogether.”

Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-op – spokesperson

  • The following applies to consumer-direct outlets such as and Brolos Fresh in Geraldton.
  • “WA lobster is expected to be in good supply with prices starting around $20-25 each depending on size.”
  • A rough price range between $45 – 75/kg applies for the following species: 
    • Pink snapper
    • Goldband snapper
    • Red throat emperor
    • Dhufish
    • Baldchin groper
    • Abrolhos Island scallops (~$75/kg)