Meet a member – India Bell

India Bell, Managing Director of Tuesday Foods holds a bachelor degree in business and a master of business management graduate certificate.

Before entering the seafood industry, India worked in marketing for food and alcohol brands within the Australian market.

“Working in a corporate world I ate a lot of canned seafood for lunch, it was just such an easy and convenient option,” India said.

During India’s travel to Portugal she was inspired by their foodservice, “The artwork on canned food really stood out to me.

“Initially I was drawn to the packaging, but this got me thinking, why is there so much imported seafood in Australia?”

India’s love for seafood inspired her to create an Australian retail and foodservice brand that would compete with some of the European brands.

“My idea was to educate Australians on preserving Australian seafood that is sustainable, Western Australia has such a vast amount of seafood that is only sold fresh,” she said.

From there India came up with the name Tuesday Foods with a vision that it would become a trusted, sustainable, preserved seafood.

“My slogan is, Trust in Tuesday, trust in sustainable seafood,” India said.

Currently still importing seafood, India is evolving her brand to only sell Australian seafood and plans to sell only Australian seafood by 2020.

One of India’s biggest achievements is establishing Tuesday Foods, but she is also very proud of the connections and relationships that have been made with Australian fishermen.

“It took me twelve months to build trust and friendship with the fishermen that I work with. I love working with passionate fishermen, I love what they do and their lifestyle, they are the heart of our industry,” India said.

India’s mission is to create more sustainable seafood by using under-utilized fish. She is excited about the upcoming launch of two new products, Albany Marinated Sardines and Wild Australian Salmon.

Tuesday Foods can be found online, in retail and restaurants around Australia, and also aims to enter the Singapore market in the near future.