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Thailand tastes the Wonders of Australia

Thailand’s fabulous flavours and Australia’s finest produce – it’s a combination that’s hard to beat and one that was on full display in Bangkok this week at the Taste the Wonders of Australia event.

Celebrity chef Ksynn Detcharoen, of Bangkok Private Chef Dining and MasterChef Thailand fame, created a Thai fusion feast, blending the best attributes of the two cultures to highlight the culinary possibilities of Australian produce to some of the country’s most influential foodies.

The Taste the Wonders of Australia event included a cooking demonstration and trade displays showcasing the true flavours of Australia’s premium produce to 160 of Thailand’s culinary experts, chefs, foodies, importers, distributors and business leaders, along with representatives from the Australian and Thai governments.

Among the guests at the Taste the Wonders of Australia event was Austrade Senior Trade Commissioner and Minister-Counsellor (Commercial) Michael Helleman.

“Thai cuisine is famous for its use of fresh and quality ingredients,” Mr Helleman said. “Every ingredient in a dish has to speak for itself, and Australian exporters can provide premium quality products.

“Australia is known for its quality produce, from the freshest vegetables to naturally raised tender meat with beautiful marbling and flavours. Australian seafood is similarly known for its superior taste and sustainable processes from packaging to harvesting.

“Our dairy products, fruits and vegetables meet the highest standards. Australia has one of the most exciting wine scenes in the world with 65 wine regions and a diverse range of styles.

“This makes Australian products the perfect match for Thai consumers who are very aware of and demand quality. Australian produce and wine are already sought after by chefs and consumers for their excellent quality and distinctive taste.”

Chef Ksynn’s menu opened with a Seafood Spicy Fruit Salad of Australian seafood, fruits and vegetables, followed by Roti and Lamb Rack Curry, showcasing Australian dairy, vegetables and lamb.

The main course, Beef Fat Fried Rice with Grilled Australian Beef Rump Cuts, was topped with baked mussels, mozzarella cheese and Australian butter.

Dessert was the Australian classic Lamington – soft sponge cake with chocolate sauce, coconut flakes, mousse and yoghurt ice cream with seasonal Australian fruit.

The Thai fusion menu was paired with Australian wines from some of the country’s best wine growing regions, to match the distinct flavours of Thai cuisine.

“As a professional chef, I have come to rely on Australian products for their quality, variety and sheer consistency,” said Chef Ksynn, who created the feast with assistance from a team of student chefs from the renowned MSC Culinary School.

“You can see this in the menu I have created. The beef is raised in natural, pristine environments, and the vegetables and fruits are the finest you can get.”

The Taste the Wonders of Australia event was jointly organised by the Australian Food and Wine Collaboration Group.

The group consists of MLA, Seafood Industry Australia, Dairy Australia, Horticulture Innovation Australia and Wine Australia, with the support of the Australian Government.

Thailand – a growing opportunity for Australia’s food producers

Thailand is the second-biggest economy in ASEAN and a major global tourism destination. This dynamic and consumer-driven market with rising disposable income and a huge visitor market of about 35 million is increasing its demand for imported food and beverages, offering many opportunities for Australian exporters.

Thai importers and customers appreciate Australia’s “food safety and sustainability” credentials and perceive it as a high-quality supplier.

Thai customers are turning to Australian produce for its lower chemical use in the production process, as concerns about food safety become more widely known. Australia producers are known to deliver some of the best flavours with the country’s unique environment, world-class producers and superior quality control standards.

Buyers expect Australian produce to be of a high standard, have a longer shelf life and taste better when compared to imported products from other countries.


The Australian Food and Wine Trade Collaboration was created to promote quality Australian food and beverages in key international markets. The members and funding partners are Dairy Australia, Hort Innovation, Meat & Livestock Australia, Wine Australia and Seafood Industry Australia.