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Save money on insurance and support SIA

Trying to work out exactly what type and how much insurance your business needs can be complex, time-consuming and overwhelming. The wrong cover could be devastating to your business if things do go wrong.


With Capital Innovation Insurance Group’s innovative tools, we can quickly compare and assess different insurance products – taking the hard work out of finding the right cover.

We take the time to understand your business and tailor cover to match – so you don’t need to spend time researching insurance options yourself.

Policy wordings can be complex and making sure you have the right one for your business needs, can be confusing. With the expertise of Capital Innovation Insurance Group, you can be sure you have a team of qualified, experienced professionals to help.

As part of the Steadfast network, Capital Innovation Insurance Group, can often negotiate lower prices for our clients – so you can get the right cover at the right price.

We can provide expert advice to help your business withstand cyclical premium increases, helping keep your cover cost-effective.

Our claims and policy management processes help to minimise price rises over the life of your policy

We take time to understand the unique risks for your business and ensure they’re covered – so you can be confident you’re protected.

You will be supported by the strength of Capital Innovation Insurance Group and Steadfast, which manages more than 2.3 million policies for small to medium businesses.

If you need to claim, we can champion your cause with the insurer every step of the way – helping to assure the best outcome for your business.

We take the hard work out of getting the most suitable cover – at a competitive price. As part of Steadfast, Australia’s largest general insurance broker network, Capital Innovation Insurance Group have access to policies from national and international insurers – so we can help find the right one for you.

We’re experts in helping you:
1 Access and manage the unique risks your business faces.

2 Understand your insurance options, based on your needs and budget.

3 Tailor an insurance package especially for your business – and explaining all the details to you clearly.

4 Apply for and renew insurance policies each year.

5 Settle any claims that you may have – and advocating on your behalf to help achieve the best possible outcome.

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