Getting to know you – A message from SIA partner Capital Innovation Insurance Group

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At Capital Innovation Insurance Group we believe our clients are the foundation of our business, we like to think of our relationship as a partnership and in order to provide you with the best suited commercial insurance options and products, we need to know and understand your business, what you do, how you do it, your strengths and weaknesses, the risk factors. In other words, we get to know you and you us.

At C.I.I.G. you deal with real people, you have an assigned account manager who is your go to person for all things insurance related. The account manager will understand you and your business and the things important to you. Behind the account manager stands an experienced team of professionals, working to make sure you are delivered exceptional service with the most competitive insurance products best suited to your unique needs.

If you are fortunate you may never have to make a claim against your insurance. However, when things do go wrong and you are involved in an unexpected accident, disaster, theft or other loss that is covered by your policy, you will want the full process from notification to completion to go as smoothly and as timely as possible.

In this digital age it is difficult to find a real person to talk to when we have issues associated with business organisations, be it telecommunications, travel, government bodies, or insurance companies, more often than not we need to contact these people when there is some level of stress due to something going wrong be it major or minor.

While automated systems can save time and offer efficiencies in some areas, they can be frustrating in times of stress and they’re not always the right solution. We know and understand that when you need to make an insurance claim, you want to talk to someone with in-depth industry knowledge and claims experience, that’s why at Capital Innovation Insurance Group we have our own direct claims department where you can talk to a trained professional who can help and guide you through the claims process, they will be able to answer directly those trickier “why, “how” and “when” questions that you may have. Our claims department will act on your behalf, as your advocate, with the insurer giving you peace of mind and comfort that your claim will be handled smoothly, professionally and with urgency.

Our Claims Manager, Mark Maple, believes that the most important interaction we have with clients are those we have during the claims process, Mark Says, “As an insurance broker, these are the times our client needs us most, we have the knowledge and in many ways can be a voice of reason at a turbulent time. invariably there is some level of stress involved, so we act as a calming influence and endeavor to   reassure the client that we are there to help and make things that much easier, we guide them through the process, seeking the relevant information we need to take the claim to the next level”. Mark continues, “It is very gratifying when, after a successful claim we get a call of thanks, it means so much to our clients that for them, the hard work has been taken out of making a claim, the fact that they can talk to experienced staff directly means so much, knowing that we act on the clients behalf and not the insurer, gives our client, a great deal of relief and peace of mind”.

Capital Innovation Insurance Group is a proud sponsor of Seafood Industry Australia.
With over 30 years’ experience in commercial insurance, we service a range of industries Australia wide.

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