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Targeting high-growth markets for Aussie food and wine

Promoting premium Australian produce in overseas markets is the main driver behind new funding from the Albanese Government.
Australian Food & Wine Collaborators has been awarded a $600,000 Agricultural Trade and Market Access Cooperation (ATMAC) grant to promote Australian food and wine overseas.
The group is a collaboration between rural research and development corporations and five agricultural peak bodies including Dairy Australia, Meat & Livestock Australia, Wine Australia, Seafood Industry Australia, and Hort Innovation.
Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Murray Watt said the collaboration would leverage the combined groups market intelligence to better promote and position premium Australian produce in overseas markets.
“The Albanese Government is supporting Australian producers to expand market access and new trade opportunities for Australian fresh produce,” Minister Watt said.
“Australia is internationally renowned for its safe, sustainable, and premium food and wine—two thirds of which goes to markets abroad.
“This funding will help develop a common approach to positioning in our food and wine sectors to build on already strong demand.”
The group will use the ATMAC grant to extend their ‘Team Australia’ initiative—a shared marketing strategy—to incorporate more key markets and further embed a collaborative industry approach.
This approach will see greater sharing of knowledge and resources, utilising common communication channels and streamlining engagement with industry stakeholders.
Australian Food and Wine Collaboration Group spokesperson Charlie McElhone said while each collaborating organisation has its own marketing and promotion strategies, this grant gives us the opportunity to strengthen Australia’s overall strategic position.
“We want to position Australia as a key supplier, improve market access and demand for Australian food and wine exports,” he said.
“We know that strong and clear positioning in these markets can also support a more favourable regulatory environment, which is critical when market access and global trade is becoming increasingly complex.
“A ‘Team Australia’ approach will help us leverage our collective strengths to advantage our exporters and build deeper relationships across all sectors in market.
“The project will communicate the positive attributes of Australian produce, leveraging the “Nation Brand”, as it delivers in-market activities in high growth markets for Australia.
“Taiwan will be targeted in a 6-month pilot and a similar approach will be adopted in other high-growth Asian markets.”
More information about the ATMAC program is available here: Agricultural Trade and Market Access Cooperation (ATMAC) Program
More information about the Collaborative food and wine market development project can be found here: Hort Innovation | Collaborative food and wine market development project (HA20005)

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