#OurStories, November Update

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It seems like I have blinked and its suddenly time to check in again! So here it goes.

We are full throttle developing the performance evaluation system that will sit behind Our Pledge.
The system has been designed to provide more proof of the things we are doing well while also
highlighting opportunities for improvement. We will test it all by developing a preliminary
benchmark evaluation before developing a more complete assessment. We will keep you updated as
we go.

Part of the process has been identifying the right performance indictors to match each promise
within Our Pledge. As a result, I have been exposed to a heap of great examples of exciting things
happening in industry we can all be proud of. Being that it is the month of Movember it’s worth
mentioning some examples that relate beautifully to our commitment of “valuing our people,
looking after them and keeping them safe”. These include:

• Goolwa Pipi Co’s and Kuti Co’s commercial partnership which is built upon the value of each
organisations unique skill set that amongst other things is helping create employment
pathways for regional communities
• Women in Seafood Australasia’s tireless efforts to build the capacity of women in the
industry and shine the light on important issues such as mental health
• Matty Blyth’s new movie Sea Rogue which is helping to raise the awareness of safety
performance within industry with the aim of bringing all commercial fishers home safely

Again, I feel privileged being able to engage with many of you to learn more about some of the
impressive ways industry is moving forward. If you have more examples I can follow up on please let
us know, and if you would like to support me for Movember you can do so here. Thanks!