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Meet a member – Karen Holder, Two Gulfs Crab

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History of Two Gulfs Crab

Two Gulfs Crab is the marketing section of the vertically integrated crab fishing company DM and KL Holder Pty Ltd started by Dennis and Karen Holder over 30 years ago. Crabs have been predominantly sold via the auction system and are almost invisible to the consumers as to who produces the product. To address this and to start the value-added aspect of picking crab meat Two Gulfs Crab was begun. The name was born from a conversation with Wayne Hulm from Jotos Fresh Fish. We then worked to establish a premium brand using the best crabs to start with. The vast majority of our crabs are still sold as a fresh whole product but the crab meat is expanding and now includes pickled crab meat.

Your Background

I was born and grew up on a farm on the Far West Coast of South Australia, so no stranger to primary production and self-employment. I married Dennis in 1987 and this was the beginning of a journey into the world of fishing. This journey has been all encompassing and started when we moved to Adelaide to take up an experimental crab fishing permit is 1989. We moved to a rented house with a car, a lime green American pick-up truck, a very unattractive but serviceable boat and 100 crab pots; 800 kilometres from family and friends, to become crab fishers.

Together with Dennis we now have 3 wonderful adult children, a house, 5 crab licences with associated quota representing approximately 50% of the SA crab quota, the purpose built FV Silver Spectre and 2 older ex-cray fishing boats, many crab pots of varying shapes and sizes, a fishing business, and a business and premises that act as the marketing arm Two Gulfs Crab.

It is fair to say we have become crab fishers!

Professional achievement

Owner of our business together with Dennis.

Being the President of WISA (Women in Seafood Australasia) is an amazing honour and is the result of building skills around leadership. This includes completion of the National Seafood Industry Leadership Program. Further skills have been gathered through opportunity rather than formal qualifications.

What you like most about your job

The diversity and flexibility. Our business is dynamic and varied on any given day and has provided opportunities that I never envisaged growing up.

Your vision for the industry

An industry that is understood for its role in providing seafood to the consumer, and an industry that understands the responsibility this is in return.

Something new/ exciting happening for you or your business

During Tasting Australia restaurant 2KW in the Town Square will feature a dish they currently serve a Crab crumpet using our crab meat. This will be over 10 days and be amazing exposure for our product and the product itself.