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#OurStories, October 2019

Melbourne twice, Adelaide Central Markets only once…so what’s been going on? Quite a bit I would have you know. In case you hadn’t heard, the final wording and video for “Our Pledge” campaign was officially let out of the bag last week at Seafood Directions and I would have to say it went down a treat. In what I would describe as one of the all-time monumental speeches of the 21st century (I’m not kidding, it was pretty good) Jane put forward a passionate and emboldened case as to why all of us in the seafood industry should unite and fully support the commitments which make up Our Pledge, which were largely devised by you. It’s not the pledge…. it’s “Our Pledge”. You could see that during the speech and afterwards as countless people stepped up to openly pledge their commitment on our placard for all to see.

Honestly, it was powerful stuff and there was hardly a dry eye in the room. Rachel even had to pass me a tissue after another one of Matty Blyth’s master pieces graced the screen.

We have done our research. Be sure there are a lot of people out there keen to support us who are hungry for our stories that demystify what goes on behind the scenes and transparently informs on how we are performing, what we aspire to and how we are going to get there. Bill Passey’s words (in a video which will be available soon along with many others) brilliantly illustrate how we are more than what we seem, and how many of you step up to the plate every day to honour the commitments within “Our Pledge” in so many ways. I can’t wait to catch up with you to find out how. If you have a story to tell let me get in touch.

Until next time, Dan.