Fish Names Committee seeks comment

The FRDC Fish Names Committee is seeking comment from all stakeholders on 7 applications to amend the Australian Fish Names Standard.


Public consultation is a key part of the fish names procedures. The Fish Names Committee places great importance on the feedback received from stakeholders when making a final decision on these applications.  The closing date for feedback is 1 April 2020.


The Fish Names Committee uses a web based procedure to allow for respondents to provide feedback.


Click on the following link and the data will be submitted on completion.



In summary, the applications are:


Octopus Species (2)


  1. Application 327 to add the new Standard Fish Name Maori octopus for Macroctopus maorum
  2. Application 328 to add the new Standard Fish Name Hammer Octopus for Octopus australis


Red Bream (Imported Species)

  1. Application 326 to add the new Standard Fish Name Red Bream for the imported species Pterogymnus laniarius


Cockles and Clams (2 species)

  1. Application 332 to add the new Standard Fish Name Sydney Cockle for Anadara trapezia
  2. Application 329 to add the new Standard Fish Name Razor Clam for Pinna dolabrata


Sand Crab

  1. Application 331 to add the new Standard Fish Name Ocean Sand Crab for Ovalipes australiensis


Change species name for Clarence River Cod

  1. Application 333 to amend the Standard Fish Name to Eastern Freshwater Cod (previously Clarence River Cod)  for Maccullochella ikei

Further information on each of the proposed amendments is available by clicking on the appropriate link within the webform. You are encouraged to complete all sections but can comment on your specific areas of interest.


You are also invited to put forward alternative names if you do not like the proposed name.


Please forward this email to all other interested parties


For further information or enquiries, contact the FNC Project Manager Alan Snow on -0418 199 516 or at [email protected]