Country Of Origin Labelling in foodservice

We know Australians love Australian seafood and want to support their local industry, but to do this, they need to be able to find it. Next to freshness, country of origin is the most influential factor for a consumer choosing which seafood they buy. 

In July 2018, new regulations were introduced for country of origin labelling in the retail sector requiring all seafood to be labelled clearly with its country of origin, however there were no requirements placed on the foodservice sector. This means that when you go out to dine or are ordering takeaway, there is no obligation for businesses to label where their seafood comes from. But, this information is legally required in supermarkets and at fishmongers. SIA believes there should be a level playing field for origin labelling. 

To give consumers the right of choice and Australia’s seafood producers a fair go, SIA advocate for mandatory country of origin labelling for seafood sold in the foodservice sector. 

Importantly, this is not about vilifying imported seafood. There is nothing wrong with serving, ordering or eating imported seafood. But, as an industry, we believe consumers should be provided with the same information in the foodservice sector as they are in retail, so they can make a choice and place an informed order. 

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